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Kemer's Digital Age

Kemer is a unique destination where history and nature embrace. It hosts a rich historical heritage dating back from ancient times to the present day, along with magnificent natural beauties. However, today, Kemer attracts attention not only with its natural beauties but also with the innovations brought by the digital age.

In a period when the digital age is rapidly evolving, Kemer has entered a process of digital transformation to keep pace and provide the best experience to its visitors. With the Lifekemer application, it accelerates this process and brings Kemer to the center of the digital age.

The Lifekemer application offers visitors the opportunity to explore and experience Kemer. It allows them to easily find historical and cultural sites, natural beauties, restaurants, and activities. Additionally, it helps users to plan their travels, make reservations, and fully experience Kemer.

Kemer's digital transformation benefits not only visitors but also local businesses. It provides the opportunity to showcase their presence on digital platforms and introduce their services to a wider audience. Thus, Kemer moves towards a sustainable tourism model by adding value to both visitors and the local community.

Discover Kemer's potential in the digital age with Lifekemer and experience this unique destination to the fullest!

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7/24 Services
Detailed Information on Current Pharmacies - Taxi Call Service from the Nearest Stop to Your Location - All the Services You Need at Your Fingertips and many more current applications...

Learn By Walking

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You can discover the Places to Visit, Activities to Do, and Historical Places to Learn - You can learn the entire history of Antalya Kemer from past to present, all geographical and other information about their cultures - You can Listen with Audio Narration by Reading the QR Code of the Places You Have Gone and Visited, and many more applications...


All Application
Shopping Specific to the Kemer Region - Services Belonging to Kemer Municipality - Current Events in Kemer - Dynamic Current Kemer Map and many more Services...
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Kemer Digital Assistant!

Comprehensive Guidance:Lifekemer offers a comprehensive guide covering the most popular tourist spots and activities in Kemer. Visitors can easily find the places they want and access detailed information.

Up-to-Date Information:The application provides information that is updated daily so that visitors can always access the latest and most accurate information. You can find everything from new events to special offers on Lifekemer.

Personalized Experience: The application can be customized according to user preferences. You can save your favorite places, follow your favorite activities, and easily manage your travel plans.

A Great Day to Visit Kemer

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Unique Settings According to Eye Pleasure Colors Design the Application According to Your Taste.

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Add Favorites that Appeal to You in Many Applications.

If You Love Nature or the Number of Manzas

Take photos of the places you visit and like and present them to the attention of other travelers and voyagers.

For Your Needs

All applications for your needs, difficulties, and searches.

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Many more services about Kemer!

Continuously developed by the community to stay up to date...

“The Lifekemer Project was developed to facilitate the introduction of Antalya Kemer and the daily activities of travelers and locals through a mobile application.”


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“I Am Happy to Support the Project by Producing Content within the Scope of Social Responsibility Projects.”


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